Sunday, August 10, 2008

trial 1st

hye's quite long time i didnt open my blog..
n yeahh!!taday i write a new blog!!!

today is da trial for pmr..n it is not jz like da past exam..
da past i play a lot ..but now,im seriously FOCUS...hehe
30 minutes b4 da exam start,i did my last revision...
Xpecely sejarah...last check!!!
alhmdllh,da questions r quite similar wif da past questions i revised...
i hope i'll get A for sjarah!!for da 1st time mybe..ahakzz

aftr dat,i went 4 was suxx u!!
idk y i cant wait for my frens anymore..
they r effin slow!!!!!slow!!
they did touch-up n wat so ever lar..
it waste my time!!
at dat time,i realy dun care bout them..
i jz let them boraking in da class..
i went ahead to da canteen n had my nasi..
then,i went to see ustazah to get da spot quest for agma islam..
when,i enter da class,,the last paper 4 bm was already started..
i got angry wif evryone in my class!!!
my pencil box pon bley hilang!!!!!
it suxx egen u!!!
at last,i got it!!
i started to write my essay about 15 minutes late..
fortunately,i hav a lot of idea to write it...
i finished at 1 pm sharp..!!!
naseb baik!!!

n lastly i back home..took my shower n smbhyang..
then i solat n rehat jap..

emm,,i think dats oll for today!!


p/s: i dono how to tell my frens bout my feelings to them today..i jz hate to be waiting!!waiting!!!n waiting!!

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